Grand Junction City Council Survey

Colorado Rural Voters (CORV) is a non-partisan political organization. It strives to invigorate our democracy by engaging people on the Western Slope in the election process. CORV works to elect accessible officials who are representative of and accountable to the diverse values, aspirations, and economic needs of their constituents.

We’re reaching out to voters in Grand Junction to determine what issues are important to them so that city council candidates understand what their communities care most about. Do you know which city council candidates share the same vision as you? By filling out this short survey you’ll find out! Plus have a chance to win a $100 gift card for Downtown Grand Junction! No personal information will be shared, but we will check back in with you to share responses from the candidates based off the issues you identified as most important.

Survey Questions

  • Selecting high priority for issues you care most about and low priority for issues you care the least about.

Your Information

  • Leave your name and email address. Your information will not be used for future communication or sold to any entity.